Language: Upland Yuman
Family: Yuman
Stock: Esselen-Yuman
Phylum: Hokan
Culture: Colorado River
Speakers 440
     The Hualapai were a sedentary hunter/farmer tribe of the Colorado River just below the Grand Canyon.  They share the Pai sub-culture with the Havasupai and Yavapai of Arizona, and the Paipai of Mexico. They suffered in conflicts with other Colorado River tribes and from the White influx.
Aboriginal Locations
7 villages in AZ
Arizona Present Locations
Hualapai Reservation, Peach Springs
Year History
1540 Possibly met by Hernando de Alarcon
1598 Met by Marcos Farian de los Godos
1776 Met by Francisco Garces 
1867 U.S. Army unsuccessfully tried to create hostilities between Southern Paiutes and the Huaalapai
1883 Reservation created by Executive Order
1887 Santa Fe Railroad reached Kingman, AZ
1889 Southern Paiute "incited" Hualapai to do the Ghost Dance
Year U.S. Population Source
1680 700 Mooney
1700 700 NAHDB calculation
1800 700 NAHDB calculation
1889 728 Swanton
1897 631 Swanton
1900 600 NAHDB calculation
1910 501 Census
1923 440 Census
1932 449 Swanton
1937 454 Swanton
1990 1,532 Census
2000 1,600 NAHDB calculation
Other speakers of the same language:
Havasupai, Yavapai
Hualapai Sites:
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Hualapai Tribe
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Havasupai-Walapai-Yavapai Language
Indian Ghost Dance ...
Native Tribes of Lower California
Pai Yuman People
Ta'thamiche - Walapai
Tokopala - Walapai
Visiting the Hualapai Indian Reservation
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