Language: Upland Yuman
Family: Yuman
Stock: Esselen-Yuman
Phylum: Hokan
Culture: Colorado River
Speakers 404
     The Havasupai were a small sedentary hunter/farmer tribe.  They probably separated from the Hualapai about A.D.1200.  They occupied Cataract Canyon on the south side of the Grand Canyon.  They share the Pai sub-culture with the Hualapai and Yavapai of Arizona, and the Paipai of Mexico. The isolation of living in the Grand Canyon mitigated the negative effect of the White influx.  They remain in their aboriginal territory today.
Aboriginal Locations
Arizona Present Locations
Havasupai Reservation, Supai
Year History
1776 Met by Francisco Garces 
1777 Received Hopi drought refugees for several years
1800 Beginning of attrition to New Mexico slave traders
1861 Visited by Leroux
1863 Peacefully but firmly turned back Mormon missionary Jacob Hamlin
1866 May have participated in Yavapai war against Armu
1876 Railroad reached Flagstaff, AZ
1880 Reservation established
1885 Tour began at Grand Canyon south rim
1886 Several epidemics
1890 Began to practice the Ghost Dance
1897 Grand Canyon Railroad established
1908 Grand Canyon National Park designated by Theodore Roosevelt
1920 Tuberculosis and syphilis epidemics
Year U.S. Population Source
1680 300 Mooney
1700 300 NAHDB calculation
1800 300 NAHDB calculation
1869 300 Swanton
1900 250 NAHDB calculation
1903 233 Census
1905 174 US Indian Office
1910 174 Census
1923 184 Census
1937 208 Swanton
1947 239 US Indian Office
1958 400 US Indian Office
1981 475 BIA
1989 460 BIA Estimate
2000 600 NAHDB calculation
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