Language: Hasinai
Family Caddo
Stock: Gulf Caddo
Phylum: Caddo
Macro-Culture: Texas
Speakers 141   1990 Census
       The ancestors of the Hasinai were the great mound cultures of the region west of the southern stretches of the Mississippi River.  They were advanced peaceful hunter//farmers when first met by the Spanish.  They were located in northeastern Texas between the headwaters of teh Neches and Trinity Rivers.  They suffered greatly from White introduced diseases and violence.  Ultimately, all of the Caddoan speaking tribes confederated into the Caddo in Oklahoma.  Only about 25% of the surviving tribe reside on tribal lands in Oklahoma.  Most ranged across the country as a result of the Great Depression and World War II.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions, #of villages)
TX     Anadarko, Hainai, Nabedache, Nacachau, Nacaniche, Nacau, Nacagdoche, Nacono, Nasayaha, Nasoni, Nechaui, Neche
Present Locations
OK   Absorbed into Caddo Tribe, Anadarko
Year History
1542 Reached by De Soto's men after his death on their way back to Mexico
1687 Visited by LaSalle who was murdered there by one of his people
1690 Spanish missions established at the Nebedache village and others
1691 Smallpox epidemic
1719 All missions abandoned in anticipation of French attack, but reopened two years later, later yet, missions removed to San Antonio
1855 Joined by  Louisiana Caddo, all placed on Brazos reservation
1859 Fled to Oklahoma due to White violence, confederated with Caddo
Year Total Population OK TX Source
1690 4,500 4,500 Mooney estimate
1700 4,500 4,500 NAHDB calculation
1716 4,500 Don Diego Ramon
1800 1,000 1,000 NAHDB calculation
1851 350 350 Stem estimate
1876 150 150 US Indian Office (enumerated with Caddo)
1900 - NAHDB calculation 
2000 - NAHDB calculation
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