Ethnie: HAIDA
Language: Haida (Northern and Southern Dialects)
Family: Haida
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Northwest





Speakers 40   (1995 M. Krausse)
      The Haida were a sedentary maritime nation that relied heavily on fishing. They were belligerent with neighboring tribes. They arrived in the area from the Yukon as a result of a volcanic eruption about AD 750 Aboriginally, they were located on the Queen Charlotte Islands. They became missionized early and undertook farming, but suffered severely from the effects of White disease and culture.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
BC     Chaal, Cumshewa, Dadens, Gahlinskun, Haena, Heilung, Howkan, Kaisun, Kasaan, Kayung, Kiusta, Klinkwan, Kloo, Kung, Kweundlas, Masset, Naikum, Ninstints, Skedans, Skidegate, Sukkwan, Tiun, Yaku, Yan (100)
Present Locations
AK    Sealaska Corporation, Juneau
BC     Masset, Masset
          Skidegate, Queen Charlotte City
Year History
1700 Some soon relocated to southern tip of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska and established there in 4 tribes
1774 Spotted Spanish Ensign Juan Perez in corvette Santiago
1775 Visited by Bodega and Maurelle
1786 Visited by La Perouse
1787 Visited by Dixon for one month who began trading for furs
1824 Smallpox epidemic
1825 Began cultivation of potatoes after introduction by traders
1829 Hudson Bay post established, Anglican mission at Masset, Methodist mission at Skidegate
1862 Smallpox, liquor, and venereal disease depleted population before White influx; one entire village
Year Total Population AK BC   Source
1700 9,800   9,800   NAHDB calculation
1780 9,800       Mooney estimate
1800 9,000 1,000 8,000   NAHDB calculation
1836 8,428       John Work estimate
1841 8,328       Sir James Douglas estimate
1889 637       Census
1895 593       Swanton estimate
1900 700 100 600   NAHDB calculation
1902 788       Swanton
1910 530       Census
1915 588       Duff estimate
1968     1,224   Queen Charlotte Agency (Canada only)
1970   240     Blackman (US only)
1995 1,500       M. Krausse
2000 1,600 300 1,300   NAHDB calculation
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