Grade 5 and 8 Teacher Institute Photo Gallery Class Description and Photo Gallery
Two day institute schedule
Featured presenters:
Dr. Julie LaMay, Ph. D., professor of English and American Indian literatures, will discuss pedagogical theory and practice with special emphasis on immersion techniques, making learning real, interdisciplinary education theories, and oral literatures.
Larry T. B. Sunderland, anthropologist and historian, will discuss Native American history, anthropology, and linguistics, will tell stories, and conduct and archeology lab.
Time Event Presenter
Day 1
Welcome to Four Directions Institute
Breakfast:  Fry Bread
8:30 Pre-institute Survey Margaret Hill
9:30 Four Directions of American Indian Education LaMay
10:30 Native American Prehistory, Linguistics, & Demographics Sunderland
11:30 Archeology Lab "The Dig" Sunderland
12:15 Lunch:  Zuni Meat and Beans, Pueblo Harvest Stew
Day 2
8 Breakfast:  Blue Corn Bread
9 Four Directions of American Indian Education LaMay
10 Four Directions of American Indian History Sunderland
11 Clapper Sticks and California Songs LaMay
12 Lunch:  Indian Sandwiches
1 U. S. Indian Cultural Hierarchies Sunderland
2 "Home Alone on San Nicolas Island" LaMay
3 Review and Discussion LaMay/Sunderland


Teacher Institute Photo Gallery
February 27 and 28, 2004 5th and 8th Grade Teacher Institute class
Our 22 foot Crow council lodge is one of our two classrooms ... for now.
Dr. LaMay leads the class in a song in our other classroom ... the dome


Each day begins with a sage ceremony ...


And Day 2 begins with blue corn cakes
Dr. LaMay passing out class materials
The class is visited by the Buffalo Soldiers from Vision Quest
History is the subject of Larry Sunderland's lecture in the tipi around the fire
Teacher/students make dream catchers as they participate in class discussions
Two teacher/students discuss a heating stone uncovered during the archeological lab
Dr. Margaret Hill (rt), County History and Social Science Coordinator participates in classroom discussion