Common Name Latin Name T H X W Ornamental Value
Acton Encelia Encelia actoni S 3' X 3' Yellow flowers in spring and summer, fragrant foliage
Antelope Bitterbrush, Greasewood Purshia tridentata S 5' X 5' Fragrant with yellow flowers
Bear grass Nolina bigelovii S 4' X 3' Evergreen, grayish color
Blackfoot Daisy Melampodium leucanthum P 6" X 1' White one inch daisies, fragrant
Black Sage Salvia mellifera S 1' X 1' Fragrant with lavender flowers
Bladder Sage Salazaria mexicana S 6' X 6' Pink and purple flowers with purple lip which evolve into a reddish or a pale yellowy bladder
Brewer's Salt Bush Atriplex lentiformis S 7' x 7' Yellow flowers July to October, evergreen grey leaves
Brittle Bush Encelia farinosa S 3' X 3' Yellow flowers blooming all spring
California Evening Primrose Oenothera californica P 2' X 4' White to pink fragrant flowers
California Milkweed Asclepias californica S 3' X 3' Attractive deep purple flowers
Century Plant Agave americana YA 7' X 12' Evergreen, yellow flower once at about 10 years or more (monocarpic), stalk 15 to 30 feet high
Chihuahuan Sage, Cenizo, Purple Sage Salvia mellifera S 4' X 5' Fragrant with lavender to purple flowers
Cleveland Sage Salvia clevelandii S 4' X 4' Purple trumpet shaped flowers, evergreen
Cliff Fendlerbush Fendlera rupicola S 1' X 6' Purple flowers in spring to fall, fragrant, silver foliage
Cliff Rose, Mexican Cliffrose, Bitterbrush Purshia mexicana S 8' X 5' Fragrant white aromatic flowers with long yellow stamens
Desert Agave Agave deserti YA 3' X 3' Yellow flowers
Desert Holly Atriplex hymenelytra S 2' X 3' Yellow flowers, red fruits, spring to fall
Desert Lavender Hyptis emoryi S 8' X 8' Lavender flowers, minty fragrance in spring, grey to white foliage
Desert Spoon, Sotol, Desert Candle Dasylirion wheeleri S 5' X 4' Yellow flowers on 15 to 20 foot stalks, silver to green evergreen leaves
Dwarf Coyote Brush Baccharis pilularis Var. pilularis S 1' X 12' Evergreen groundcover
Dwarf White Zinnia, Desert Zinnia Zinnia acerosa P 3' X 1' White flowers after rains
Fairy Duster, Pink Fairy Duster Calliandra eriophylla S 4' X 4' Silver-green leaves, fragrant, pink to red duster blooms most of year
Fourwing Saltbush Atriplex canescens S 5' X 5' Yellow flowers May to September, evergreen grey leaves
Fragrant Evening Primrose Neriserenia camporum P 8" X 1' White to pale pink flowers in spring
Great Basin Sage, Big Sagebrush Artemisia tridentata S 4' X 4' Silver-green leaves, fragrant
Gregg Dalea Dalea greggii S 1' X 6' Purple flowers in spring to fall, fragrant, silver foliage
Indian Milkweed Asclepias eriocarpa P 3' X 1' Yellow flowers and red fruits, butterfly magnet
Matilija Poppy Romneya coulteri P 3' X 2' Huge white flowers, yellow centers, May to July, fragrant
Mescal Ceniza Agave colorata Y 3' X 3' Yellow flowers on stem, grey leaves (monocarpic)
Mojave Yucca Yucca schidigera S 5' X 4' Evergreen, white and purple flowers
Narrowleaf Milkweed Asclepias fascicularis P 3' x 1' White to off-white flowers July to October, butterfly magnet
New Mexico Agave Agave neomexicana YA 2' X 2' Evergreen, yellow flower once in spring
Our Lord's Candle Yucca Yucca whipplei S 3' X 4' Evergreen, white and purple flowers
Redshank, Ribbonwood Adenostoma sparsifolium S 5' X 6' Small white flowers
Roundflower Catclaw  Acacia romeriana T 10' X 15' White fluffy balls of fragrant white flowers, pinkish flat beans
Rubber Rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus S 3' x 2' Small yellow flowers in summer, cotton tufts in fall, grey leaves and limbs
Smoke Tree Dalea spinosa T 15' X 30' Purple flowers in spring, fragrant
Snowflake Sage Salvia chionophylla P 1' X 6'/yr Blue flowers spring and fall, evergreen gray-white ground cover
Starleaf Mexican Orange Choisya dumosa S 18" X 3' White fragrant flowers after rains, fancy leaves
Texas Ranger Leucophyllum frutescens S 6' X 6' Purple trumpet shaped flowers, evergreen silver leaves
Utah Service Berry Amelanchier utahensis S 15' x 15' White flowers in spring, fruit in early summer, white bark
Violet Silverleaf Leucophyllum candidum S 5' X 5' Violet flowers February to May, silver-white leaves
White Fir Albies concolor T 30' X 12' Evergreen, popular Christmas tree, leaves have lemony fragrance
White Sage, Bee Sage Salvia apiana S 3' X 3' White flowers, grey leaves, aromatic
White Sagebrush Artemisia ludoviciana P 1' X 3' Fragrant silver foliage, insignificant yellow flowers July to October
Winterfat Ceratoides lanata P 2' X 2' Silvery leaves, white hairs on leaves
Wooly Indian Paintbrush Castilleja foliolosa P 3' X 3' Showy orange to red flowers March through June
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