Mojave Garden        
Common Name Latin Name T H x W Ornamental Value
Acton Encelia * Encelia actoni S 3' x 3' Yellow flowers in spring and summer, fragrant foliage
Banana Yucca * Yucca baccata YA 4' x 4' Green leaves, white, greenish, or reddish flowers
Bastard Sage * Eriogonum wrightii P 2 x 2 Lacy flowers in spring, deciduous
Beargrass * Nolina bigelovii S 4' x 3' Long grass-like leaves, white flowers
Beavertail Cactus * Opuntia basilaris CS 1' x 2' Magenta to red flowers, purple green fruit
California Buckwheat * Eriogonum fasciculatum P 18" to 3' Lacy flowers in spring
California Barrel Cactus * Ferocactus acanthodes C To 6' Yellow to orange to red flowers in late summer or early fall
Claret Cup Cactus Echinocereus triglochidiatus CS 1' x 4' Showy scarlet to wine flowers in spring or early summer
Cow's Tongue Prickly Pear * Opuntia engelmannii var. linguiformis CS 4' x 4' Yellow flowers in spring, purple fruits
Coyote Gourd * Curcurbita palmata V 1' x 30' Showy 3' wide yellow flowers April through September, may be espalier
Creosote Bush * Larrea tridentata S 6' x 6' Yellow flowers, evergreen, fragrance from leaves when humidity is high
Desert Agave Agave deserti YA 3' x 3' Yellow flowers
Desert Almond * Prunus fasciculata S 3' x 3' Tiny, white flowers, not showy
Desert False Indigo * Amphora fruticosa S 10' x 10' Small purple flowers on 3 inch spike, fragrance of guava, pineapple, lavender
Desert Honeysuckle Asnisacanthus thurberi S 4' x 6' Lovely orange to red flowers superficially resemble those of honeysuckles
Desert Larkspur Delphinium pasishii S 3' x 1' Blue to purple flowers in April through June
Desert Lavender * Hyptis emoryi S 8' x 8' Lavender flowers, minty fragrance in spring, grey to white foliage
Desert Marigold * Baileya multiradiata   1' x 1' Yellow daisies almost all year
Desert Milkweed * Asclepias erosa S 2' x 2' White flowers May to July
Desert Penstemon * Penstemon pseudospectabilis S 2' x 2' Showy magenta (pink-purple) flowers in mid-summer
Desert Rosemallow * Hibiscus coulteri P 4' x 2' Showy cream, tan, or yellow flowers March through November
Desert Sage * Salvia dorrii S 2' x 2'
Blue flowers bloom late in spring , leaves fragran
Eaton's Penstemon Penstemon eatoni S 3' x 2' Showy red flowers in spring
Engelmann's Hedgehog Cactus * Echinocereus engelmannii C 2' x 2' Showy magenta to fuschia flowers in spring or early summer
Fishhook Barrel Cactus * Ferocactus cylindraceus CS 4' x 1' Yellow flowers in early summer, yellow fruit
Fourwing Saltbush * Atriplex canescens S 5' x 5' Yellow flowers May to September, evergreen grey leaves
Fragrant Evening Primrose Neriserenia camporum P 8" x 1' White to pale pink flowers in spring
Fragrant Pitcher Plant Lepechinia fragrans S 6' x 6' Aromatic white to purple flowers blooming April to June
Giant Sacaton Grass * Sporobolus wrightii G 6' x 6' Pale pink fragrant flowers mid-summer to fall
Giant Woolystar Eriastrum densifolium S 1' x 1' Light blue to purple flowers bloom June to October, endangered
Globe Mallow, Desert Mallow * Sphaeralcea ambigua P 2' x 3' Orange, pink, white, or lavender leaves mostly in spring
Graham's Nipple Cactus * Mammillaria grahamii CS 6" Large pink flowers February to July, red fruits
Grape Soda Lupine * Lupinus excubitus S 4' x 4' Showy purple blooms May and June with fragrance of grape soda
Golden Yarrow Eriophyllum confertiflorum P 2' Mat of bright yellow flowers
Great Basin Sage * Artemisia tridentata S 4' x 4' Silver-green leaves, drab brown flowers August to October, fragrant
Grinnell's Penstemon Penstemon grinnellii S 2' x 2' Showy pink flowers in spring
Grizzly Bear Pricklypear Opuntia erinacea CS 1' x 3' Pink, red, or yellow flowers in May and June
Hairy Goldenaster * Heterotheca villosa S 6' x 6' Yellow to gold flowers June through October
Hairy Yerba Santa * Eriodictyon trichocalyx S 6' x 6' White to purple flowers in spring
Hollyleaf Cherry Prunus ilicifolia T 8' x 8' White flower spikes in spring, bright red cherries in fall
Honey Mesquite * Prosopis glandulosa T 20' x 20' White flowers with long stamens February through September, seed pods
Indian Milkweed * Asclepias eriocarpa S 3' x 1' Yellow flowers July to October, red fruits, butterfly magnet
Indian Ricegrass * Oryzopsis hymenoides G 2' x 1' Cream or tan flowers in spring, goes dormant with summer heat, popular for dry flower arrangements
Jimson Weed * Datura wrightii S 2' x 4' Showy white or off-white 6 to 8 " flowers in spring, summer, and fall, deadly poisonous
Joshua Tree * Yucca brevifolia Y 15' x 8' White to cream colored flowers in March followed by attractive fruits
Littleleaf Mock Orange Philadelphus microphyllus S 1' x 1' Dark green leaves, small white flowers have fragrance of pineapples
Matilija Poppy * Romneya coulteri S 6' x 3' Huge white flowers, yellow centers, May to July, fragrant
Mojave Aster * Xylorhiza tortifolia P 1' x 2' Light purple flowers March through May and again in September-October
Mojave Prickly Pear * Opuntia phaeacantha CS 3' x 6' Yellow flowers in spring slowly changing to pinkish orange, mahogany fruits
Mojave Verbena * Verbena gooddingii P 1' x 1' Pale lavender-blue flowers from February to November, fragrant
Mormon Tea * Ephedra trifurca or E. viridus S 4' x 6' Texture of stems, yellow flowers on males in spring
Mountain Mahogany Cercocarpus belutoides T 12' x 4' White to pink fragrant flowers, attractive leaves, inverse conical shape, gains personality with age
Narrowleaf Milkweed Asclepias fascicularis S 3' x 1' White to off-white flowers July to October, butterfly magnet
Nevada Jointfir * Ephedra nevadensis S 5' x 5' Texture of stems, yellow flowers on males in spring
Nodding Needlegrass * Nassella cernua or Stipa cernua G 2' x 3' Tufted foliage with elegant flower stems
Orange Bush Monkeyflower Diplacus aurantiacus S 3' x 3' One inch yellow to orange to scarlet flowers in spring, dormant in summer in desert
Our Lord's Candle Yucca * Yucca whipplei Y 3' x 4' Evergreen, white and purple flowers in spring
Palmer's Penstemon Penstemon palmeri S 2' x 1' Showy pink flowers in spring, aromatic
Pancake Prickly Pear * Opuntia chlorotica C 3' x 3' Yellow-orange flowers in spring, red fruits
Paper Flower Psilostrophe cooperi S 2' x 1' Yellow flowers bloom early in spring and last for a long time eventually turning into dry and paper-like, used for dry arrangements
Parish's Bluecurls Trichostema parishii S 3' x 3' Showy blue fragrant flowers in spring
Parry's Beargrass * Nolina parryi Y 3' x 3' White flowers on very tall stalks in spring
Pipestem Clematis Clematis lasiantha V to 20' Small white to tan blooms late spring to mid-summer, vine to 20 feet
Pointleaf Manzanita * Arctostaphylos pungens S 6' x 6' White to pink flowers in late winter to spring, red berries in summer
Prickly Pear Cactus * Opuntia engelmannii C 3' x 3' Yellow to red flowers April-May, purple fruit
Prince's Plume * Stanleya pinnata P 6' x 5' 3 foot yellow flower spikes bloom April through September
Purple Threeawn * Aristida purpurea G 3' x 3' Bunch grass, purple blooms April to October
Red Barberry Berberis haematocarpa S 6' x 8' Fragrant yellow flowers, red berries, purple fall color
Redberry Rhamnus crocea S 12' x 9' White flowers in March and April, followed by showy red berries, tree looks like scrub oak
Redshank * Adenostoma sparsifolium S 5' x 6' Small showy white flowers July and August
Redspined Fishhook Cactus * Sclerocactus polyancistrus C 1' x 1' Showy fuschia to magenta flowers in spring or early summer
Rockspirea Holodiscus dumosus S 8' x 5'
White spray of flowers in July, fruits in October
Royal Penstemon Penstemon spectabilis S 3' x 2' Purple-blue flowers in spring
Rubber Rabbitbrush * Chrysothamnus nauseosus S 5' x 6' Small yellow flowers in summer, cotton tufts in fall, grey leaves and limbs
Sacahuista * Nolina microcarpa  YA 6' x 8' Greenish white flower cluster in spring, 6 foot leaves
Scarlet Bugler Penstemon centranthifolius S 1' x 2' Showy red flowers in spring
Scarlet Keckiella Keckiella ternata S 3' x 3' Red flowers spring to summer
Screwbean Mesquite * Prosopis pubescens T 15' x 15' Yellow flowers in late spring, fragrant, interesting seedpods
Scrub Live Oak * Quercus turbinella T 6' x 6' Remains small, evergreen
Side Oats Grama * Bouteloua curtipendula G 2' x 2' Purple blooms summer to fall
Skeletonleaf Goldeneye Viguiera stenoloba P 2' x 3' Golden flowers after rains
Skunkbush Sumac Rhus trilobata S 2' x 2' Small white or yellow flowers in mid-spring, red berries, leaves turn reddish in fall, deciduous
Smoke Tree * Dalea spinosa T 15' x 30' Purple sweet smelling pea flowers in the spring, silver leaves, green stems, leaves for only a short time
Snapdragon Penstemon Keckiella breviflora S 6' x 3' Wonderfully fragrant, bright yellow flowers spring and summer and elegant foliage
Soapweed Yucca Yucca glauca YA 3' x 3' Bell shaped flowers, greenish white, pendulous, June to August
Southern California Grape Vitis girdiana V 9' x 30' White flowers in spring, blue fruit in summer, ground cover
Spiny Hopsage * Grayia spinosa S 2' x 2' Dark green leaves, bright red flowers March through June
Strawberry Cactus * Mammillaria dioica CS 18" x 1' White to pink flowers, scarlet fruit
Sticky Monkeyflower Mimulus aurantiacus S 3' x 3' White to orange to red flowers mid-spring to early summer
Strawberry Cactus * Mammillaria dioica C 1' x 6": White to pink flowers, scarlet fruit
Sulfur Flower * Eriogonum umbellatum S 3' x 3' Yellow flowers in spring, good ground cover
Summer Holly Comarostaphylis diversifolia S 18' x 15' White cup shaped flowers May and June followed by edible red berries
Sugarbush Rhus ovata S 12' x 15' Cream flowers in spring, red fruits in early summer
Teddybear Cholla * Opuntia bigelovii CS 4' x 4' Green-yellow to white flowers in spring, green or yellow fruit
Torry Mesquite * Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana T 10' x 25' Yellow flowers in late spring, fragrant, seedpods are sometime scarlet
Toyon Heteromeles arbutifolia S 8' x 5' Small white flowers late spring to early summer, beautiful red fruit in clusters later
Tree Poppy * Dendromecon rigida T 8' x 6' Profuse bright yellow poppy flowers spring through fall
Turpentinebush * Ericameria laricifolia S 6' x 8' Yellow flowers, red berries, purple fall color
Upright Prairie Coneflower Ratibida columniferaP P 3' x 2' Showy brown, yellow, orange flowers May through October
Waterjacket, Anderson Wolfberry * Lycium andersonii S 3' x 18" Butterflies and bees use flowers, songbirds eat berries
Wavyleaf Soap Plant * Chlorogalum pomeridianum P to 3' Summer white lilies, dies out in late summer
Winterfat * Ceratoides lanata S 2' x 3' Silvery leaves, white hairs on leaves in fall
Woodland Strawberry Frageria vesca ssp. californica S 6" x 9' White flowers in spring, red fruit in summer, ground cover
Wooly Bluecurls Trichostema lanatum S 4' x 4' Blue-pink flowers in spring and fall, fragrant
Wooly Indian Paintbrush * Castilleja foliolosa P 3' x 3' Showy orange to red flowers March through June
Wooly Milkweed * Asclepias eriocarpa P 3' x 3' Profuse large clusters of pink-white flowers
Yarrow Achillea millefolium californica P 3' x 3' White to near white, sometimes pink, flat topped cluster of small flowers from mid-spring to early winter, fragrant
Yellow Bush Snapdragon Keckiella antirrhinoides S 6' x 3' Wonderfully fragrant, bright yellow flowers spring and summer and elegant foliage