Common Name Latin Name T H X W Ornamental Value
Autumn Sage Salvia greggi S 3' X 3' Red flowers, aromatic
Baccharifolius Beardtongue Penstemon baccharifolius P 2' X 2' Red trumpet shaped flowers June through September
Baja Fairy Duster Calliandra californica S 3' X 4' Bright red blooms February to May, again in fall
Black Sage
Salvia mellifera
S 4' X 4' Fragrant with lavender flowers
Big Berry Manzanita Arctostaphylos glauca S 10' X 6' White to pink flowers
Bisbee Peak Rushrose Helianthemum scoparium P 1' X 2' Yellow flowers March through July
Blackfoot Daisy Melampodium leucanthum P 6" X 1' White one inch daisies
Bladderpod Isomeris arborea S 4' X 5' Yellow flowers almost all year
Bovardia Bouvardia ternifolia S 4' X 3' Showy red trumpet shaped flowers May through November
Brittle Bush Encelia farinosa S 3' X 3' Yellow flowers blooming all spring
Bush Beardtongue Keckiella breviflora P 5' X 5' White flowers line with purple, pink, or red streaks in spring and fall, fragrant
Butterfly Milkweed Asclepias tuberosa p 2' x 2' Bright red or orange flower in mid-summer followed by attractive pods in fall
California Fuchsia Zauschneria californica P 3' X 5' Red flowers from mid-spring to early winter
California Prickly Phlox Leptodactylon californicum S 3' X 3' Pink/violet/lavender flowers late winter to mid-spring
Cascalote Tree Caesalpinia cacalaco T 12' X 12' Light yellow flowers most of winter, attractive copper pods
Century Plant Agave americana YA 7' X 12' Evergreen, yellow flower once at about 10 years or more (monocarpic), stalk 15 to 30 feet high
Chuparosa Justicia californica S 4' X 8' Long tubular red flowers from May through fall, deciduous
Claret Cup Cactus Echinocereus triglochidiatus CS 1' X 4' Showy scarlet to wine flowers in spring or early summer
Cleveland Sage Salvia clevelandii S 4' X 4' Purple trumpet shaped flowers, evergreen
Desert Agave Agave deserti YA 3' X 3' Yellow flowers
Desert Bird of Paradise Caesalpinia gilliesii   S 4' X 4' Showy red and yellow flowers mainly in spring and summer, sporadically after that
Desert Bluebells Phacelia campanularia A To 2' Royal blue one inch flowers in spring
Desert False Indigo Amphora fruticosa S 10' x 10' Small purple flowers on 3 inch spike, fragrance of guava, pineapple, lavender
Desert Honeysuckle Anisacanthus thurberi S 4' x 6' Lovely orange to red flowers superficially resemble those of honeysuckles
Desert Lavender Hyptis emoryi S 8' X 8' Lavender flowers, minty fragrance in spring
Desert Penstemon, Desert Beardtongue Penstemon pseudospectabilis p 2' X 2' Showy magenta (pink-purple) flowers in mid-summer
Desert Spoon, Sotol, Desert Candle Dasylirion wheeleri S 5' X 4' Yellow flowers on 15 to 20 foot stalks, silver to green evergreen leaves
Desert Willow Chilopsis linearis T 12' X 15' Trumpet shaped flowers 2 to 3 inches long in white to rose to purple, often two toned
Eaton's Penstemon, Scarlet Bugler Penstemon eatoni P 3' X 2' Showy red flowers in spring
Engelmann's Hedgehog Cactus Echinocereus engelmannii C 2' X 2' Flowers used by hummingbirds and butterflies, fruits eaten by songbirds, game birds, and other mammals
Fairy Duster, Pink Fairy Duster Calliandra eriophylla S 4' X 4' Silver-green leaves, fragrant
Foothill Penstemon Penstemon heterophyllus P 2' X 1' Showy violet flowers in spring
Fishhook Barrel Cactus Ferocactus cylindraceus CS 4' X 1' Yellow flowers in early summer, yellow fruit
Fragrant Evening Primrose Neriserenia camporum P 8" X 1' White to pale pink flowers in spring
Golden Currant Ribes aureum V 10' x 10' Yellow, tubular showy flowers, borne in spring, hanging clusters several inches long, clove-like fragrance
Grinnell's Penstemon Penstemon grinnellii P 2' X 2' Showy pink flowers in spring
Howard McMinn Manzanita Arctostaphylos densiflora S 8 ' x 12' Small, white to pinkish white flowers, appearing from late winter to spring
Mountain Desert Sage Salvia pachyphylla S 2' x 2' Two-tone red and purple large flowers July through September, evergreen grey-green leaves
New Mexico Agave Agave neomexicana YA 2' X 2' Evergreen, yellow flower once in spring
Ocotillo, Candlewood Fouquiera splendens S 12' X 8' Red to orange flowers after rain
Orange Bush Monkeyflower Diplacus aurantiacus S 3' X 3' One inch yellow to orange to scarlet flowers in spring, dormant in summer in desert
Palmer's Penstemon, Penstemon palmeri P 2' X 1' Showy pink flowers in spring, aromatic
Parry's Penstemon Penstemon parryi P 3' X 2' Rose-pink flowers in spring
Pineleaf Penstemon Penstemon pinifolius P 1' X 1' Showy red flowers in late spring, summer
Pink California Fuchsia Zauschneria californica Pink S 2' x 2' Pink flowers spring through fall
Pointleaf Manzanita Arctostaphylos pungens S 6' X 6' White to pink flowers in late winter to spring, red berries in summer
Redberry Rhamnus crocea T 12' X 9' White flowers in March and April, followed by showy red berries, tree looks like scrub oak
Red Thistle Cirsium proteanum or occidentale P 6' X 1' Red flowers in spring, dies after it produces
Red Yucca Hesperaloe parviflora YA 3' X 3' Evergreen, red flowers March through July
Roundflower Catclaw  Acacia romeriana T 10' X 15' White fluffy balls of fragrant white flowers, pinkish flat beans
Royal Penstemon, Showy Penstemon Penstemon spectabilis P 3' X 2' Purple-blue flowers in spring
Scarlet Bugler Penstemon centranthifolius P 1' X 2' Showy red flowers in spring
Scarlet Keckiella Keckiella ternata P 3' X 3' Red flowers spring to summer
Snapdragon Penstemon Keckiella breviflora P 3' X 3' Wonderfully fragrant, bright yellow flowers and elegant foliage
Spinystar Cactus, Beehive Cactus Coryphantha (Escobaria) vivipara C 1' X 1' Showy pink to purple flowers in spring or early summer
Standing Cypress Ipomopsis rubra P 6' X 2' Red, orange, or yellow trumpet shaped flowers May through July (biennial)
Strawberry Cactus, Fishhook Cactus Mammillaria dioica C 1' X 6" White to pink flowers, scarlet fruit
Sticky Monkeyflower Mimulus aurantiacus P 3' X 3' White to orange to red flowers mid-spring to early summer
Teddybear Cholla Opuntia bigelovii C 4' X 4' Green-yellow to white flowers in spring, green or yellow fruit
Tree Poppy Dendromecon rigida S 8' X 6' Profuse bright yellow poppy flowers spring through fall
White Sage, Bee Sage Salvia apiana S 3' X 3' White flowers, grey leaves, aromatic
Wooly Bluecurls Trichostema lanatum S 4' X 4' Blue-pink flowers in spring and fall, fragrant
Wooly Indian Paintbrush Castilleja foliolosa P 3' x 3' Showy orange to red flowers March through June
Yellow Bush Snapdragon Keckiella antirrhinoides P 6' x 3' Wonderfully fragrant, bright yellow flowers spring and summer and elegant foliage