Language Group: Eyeish
Family: Caddo
Stock: Caddo
Phylum: Caddo
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers Extinct
      The Eyeish were a sedentary hunter/farmer tribe. They were located on Ayish Creek in northeastern Texas. They were ravaged by smallpox, measles, and other diseases.  Some survivors absorbed into the Caddo.
Aboriginal Locations (# of Villages)
TX     1 or 2
Present Locations
Remnants confederated into the Caddo now in OK
Year History
1542 Visited by Moscoso, De Soto's successor
1686 Noted by companions of La Salle
1716 Mission Nuestra Seņora de los Dolores established by Franciscans
1719 Mission abandoned
1721 Mission reestablished
1768 Solis reported that this tribe was the worst in Texas, drunken, thievish, licentious, impervious to religious influence, and dangerous to the missionaries
1773 Mission finally given up realizing little success
1779 Mezičres stated that there were 20 families of the "Ays" and that they were hated by both Indians and Spaniards
1805 Sibley stated that only 20 members of the tribe were then living
1828 Said to number 160 families between Brazos and Colorado rivers
1896 Some Eyeish among Caddo in Oklahoma
Year Total TX Population Source
1700 300 NAHDB calculation
1785 300 Sibley estimate
1800 400 NAHDB calculation
1828 500   Swanton
1900 0 NAHDB calculation 
2000 0 NAHDB calculation 
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