Language: North Alaskan Inupiatun and Northwest Alaskan Inupiatun
Family: Eskimo
Stock: Eskimo-Aleut
Phylum: Eskimo-Aleut
Macro-Culture: Alaska





Speakers    (1995 M. Krausse)
       The Eskimo were and are a loose confederation of family groups ranging from Siberia to Greenland. They crossed into North America from Siberia about 3,000 BC They were, for the most part, arctic maritime hunters. They experienced minimal White contact due to their sparsely populated vast arctic territory.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
AK    Eskimo (31)
Present Locations
AK    Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, Barrow
          Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Dillingham
          Calista Corporation
          Doyon, LImited
          NANA Regional Corporation, Kotzebue
Year History
1741 Met by Vitus Bering
1871 US purchased Alaska, Hudson Bay Company began establishing posts
1971 Alaska natives awarded 44 million acres of land and $962.5 million in claims spurred by the Alaska Pipeline, 13 regional corporations formed for administration; similar Original Peoples Entitlement negotiated in Canada
Year AK Population   Source
1700 40,000   NAHDB calculation
1700 40,000   Swanton
1800 40,000   NAHDB calculation
1900 4,000   NAHDB calculation
1981 16,000   BIA
2000 18,000   NAHDB calculation
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