Dialect: Dogrib
Language: Chipewyan/Dene
Family: Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Sub-Arctic
Speakers A As many as 70% of tribe    
      The Dogrib were a nomadic hunter tribe of the sparsely populated sub-arctic. They occupied a territory that ranged from Great Bear Lake to Great Slave Lake, but not as far west as the Mackenzie River.
Aboriginal Location
AB among Chipewyan or NT
Present Locations
NT Dettah Band, Fort Smith
  Lac La Martre Band, Fort Rae
  Rae Edzo Band, Fort Rae
  Rae Lakes Band, Fort Rae
  Snare Lake Band, Fort Smith
Year History
1670 Hudson Bay Company chartered
1697 The Cree, having guns received from traders, drove the Chipewyan north and east of their aboriginal territories
1717 Churchill post established
1730 Approximate date Alberta Indians acquired horses and guns
1784 Smallpox epidemic
1793 Region visited by Alexander Mackenzie
1853 Fort Rae established by HBC
1887 The Great Famine
1920 Spanish Flu
1921 Indian Treaty No. 11
1948 Measles epidemic
Year  NT Population   Source
1670 1,250   Mooney estimate
1700 1,250   NAHDB calculation
1800 1,000   NAHDB calculation
1853 926   Ross estimate
1881 615   Russel estimate
1893 711   Russel estimate
1900 700   NAHDB calculation
1906 700   Mason estimate
1930 750   Jenness estimate
1948 997   Leechman
1964 1,401   CDIA
1970 1,706   CDIA
2000 2,100   NAHDB calculation
2005 2,298   Indian Life Online
Other speakers of the same language:
Chipewyan, Deline, Mountain, Slavey, Yellowknife
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