Dialect: North Slavey
Language: Hare-Chipewyan
Family: Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Rocky Mountains
Speakers A As many as 70% of tribe    
      The Deline were nomadic hunter tribes of the sub-arctic. They ranged west and northwest of Great Bear Lake. Their remote range minimized the negative effect of the White influx though they suffered nonetheless from disease, and in modern times, from radioactive exposure.
Aboriginal Location
AB among Chipewyan or NT
Present Locations
NT Fort Franklin, Fort Franklin
Year History
1670 Hudson Bay Company chartered
1697 The Cree, having guns received from traders, drove the Chipewyan north and east of their aboriginal territories
1717 Churchill post established
1730 Approximate date Alberta Indians acquired horses and guns
1769 Visited by Hearne
1784 Smallpox epidemic
1820 John Franklin visited tribe
1827 Franklins second visit
1835 Yellowknives defeated by the Slavey and driven from the rich area of the Yellowknife River to the barren hills about Great slave lake
1887 The Great Famine
1897 Indian Treaty No. 8 was signed by Alexander Laviolette for the Chipewyan
1920 Spanish Flu
1948 Measles epidemic
Year NT Population   Source
1670 750   Mooney estimate
1700 750   NAHDB calculation
1800 600   NAHDB calculation
1858 467   Ross estimate
1867 422   Petitot
1900 500   NAHDB calculation
1921 520   Hurlbert
1929 320   Hurlbert
1944 337   G. Taylor
1955 291   Hurlbert
1970 365   CDIA
1978 430   CDIA
2000 600   NAHDB calculation
2005 550   Indian Life Online
2005 759   Aboriginal Canada
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