Language: Koasati
Family: Eastern Muskogee
Stock: Muskogee
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers 30
       The Coushatta were a sedentary hunter/farmer tribe closely related to the Alabama. Historically, they were located just below the junction of the Coosa and Talapoosa Rivers on the east side of the Alabama River. They were probably located on Pine Island on the Tennessee River until early in the eighteenth century. Their few numbers made them vulnerable to the larger nations and resulted in several relocations. Many eventually confederated with the Alabama and removed to Texas.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions { # of villages})
AL    (1 or 2)
Present Locations
LA   Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, Eltoon
TX   Alabama-Coushatta Reservation, Livingston
Some joined the Creeks in OK; others joined the Seminole in FL; still other absorbed into other cultures in LA
Year History
1540 Found by De Soto on Tennessee River, called "Coste", "Acoste" or "Costehe
1567 Mentioned by Pardo as a tribe prepared to stop his advance into the interior
1701 Joined by Kaskinampo
1763 Most of tribe with Upper Creeks when France ceded territories to England, moved to Tombigbee River but suffered from Choctaw attacks and soon removed to original territories
1795 Another part crossed Mississippi and on Red River, soon a split took place and some removed to Texas, some soon united with Alabama, others joined Creeks and Seminole
Year Total Population AL LA TX Source
1700 500 500     NAHDB calculation
1760 500       Swanton
1800 600 200 200 200 NAHDB calculation
1817 640 Morse estimate
1900 600 200 200 200 NAHDB calculation 
1989     537     BIA (Louisiana)
1993       893   UTexas Online Alabama and Coushatta
2000       100   Ethnologue
2000 1,000 200 700 100 NAHDB calculation
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