Language: Chimarikoan
Family: Chimarikoan
Stock: Northern Hokan
Phylum: Hokan
Macro-Culture: Northwest California
Speakers None      
The Chimariko were a poor sedentary hunter/gatherer tribe located on a 20 mile stretch of the upper Trinity River in northern California's coastal mountain range. The Hupa were their neighbors and enemies, and they were friendly with the Wintun. The Chimariko may be the oldest residents of the region.  Nonetheless, they apparently lost much of their territory to the Wintun in prehistoric times. They were ultimately slaughtered by prospectors during the gold rush.
Aboriginal Locations
7 villages
Present Locations
Year History
1820 Trappers first entered territory
1850 Influx of miners and settlers and ensuing violence
1871 Tribe slaughtered by miners; miners soon left when gold was gone; survivors returned from Shasta refuge
Year Population Source
1700 250 NAHDB calculation
1800 250 NAHDB calculation
1849 250 Cook estimate
1852 200 Cook estimate
1880 20 Cook estimate
1900 0 NAHDB calculation
2000 0 NAHDB calculation
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