Dialects Chilcotin
Language: Carrier-Chilcotin
Family: Canadian Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Rocky Mountian Western Plateau
Speakers ?    
      They were enemies of the Cree and suffered from White conflict and disease.  They occupied the western plateau of the Rockies.  They suffered form the White influx and reside in their aboriginal territory.
Aboriginal Locations: Divisions
BC      Tlathenkotin, Tleskotin, Toosey
Present Locations
BC Alexandria Indian Band, Quesnal
  Alexis Creek First Nations, Chilanko Forks
  Anaham Indian Band, Alexis Creek
  Nemaiah Valley Indian Band, Nemaiah Valley
  Stone Indian Band, Hanceville
  Toosey Indian Band, Williams Lake
Year History
1793 Alexander Mackenzie became the first white man to travel through Carrier and Sekani territories while looking for fur-trading areas for the North West Company
1815 met Ross Cox
1821 Fort Alexandria established
1826 Carriers armed, Chilcotin moved notrth
1829 Fort Chilcotin established
1857 Criboo gold rush
1862 Smallpox epidemic
1864 Chilcotin War
1884 The Potlatch was outlawed
1914 First mission schools compelter
1918 Spanish Flu epidemic
1951 Potlatch ban repealed
Year BC Population   Source
1700 2,500   NAHDB calculation
1780 2,500   Mooney estimate
1800 2,500   NAHDB calculation
1837 600   Douglas estimate
1900 550   NAHDB calculation
1905 550   Teit estimate
1970 1,700   CDIA
2000 2,300   NAHDB calculation
2005 2,406   Indian Life Online
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