Ethnie: BIDAI
Language: Atakapa
Family Gulf
Stock: Gulf
Phylum: Tunican
Macro-Culture: Texas
Speakers Langauge extinct
       The Bidai were sedentary hunter/farmer tribes which included the Deadose, Han, and Patati.  Conflicting reports classify them both as cannibals and as on friendly terms with their neighbors.  Likewise, whether their language is Caddo or Tunican based is in dispute.  Their primary cause for depopulation seems to have been epidemic diseases.  Survivors ultimately absorbed into other cultures.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions, #of villages)
TX  Bidia, Deadose, Han, Patiti
Present Locations
Extinct as a culture though some descendants in other cultures, particularly the Tunica
Year History
1718 Reported to be agricultural people by de Belisle living near the Trinity River
1748 Missionized at Missions San Francisco Xavier de Horacasitas and San Idelfonzo
1750 Intermediaries between Spanish and Lipan Apache
1755 Bidai Chief Tomas given gift by Spanish
1776 Epidemic, 50% losses
1835 Pleasant Gray established post for trading with Bidai
1850 Village 12 miles from Montgomery
1854 Taken to Brazos Indian Reservation
1930 Entirely disappeared
Year Total TX Population Source
1690 500 Mooney est.
1700 500 NAHDB calculation
1751 176 Spanish report
1776 100 Swanton
1800 50 NAHDB calculation
1900 50 NAHDB calculation 
2000 0 NAHDB calculation
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