Language: Nuxalk
Family: Nuxalk
Stock: Salish
Phylum: Mosan
Macro-Culture: Northwestern
Speakers 20   (2002 Poser)  
       The Nuxalk were a maritime hunter/gatherer nation and dialectic group. They relied heavily on fishing. They were located on Bentinck Arms, and the Dean and Bella Coola Rivers. They traded with the Whites but ultimately suffered from their diseases.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
BC    Kimsquit, Bella Coola, Nuhalk, Taliomk, Noothlakamish (about 45)
Present Locations
BC   Nuxalk Nation, Bella Coola
Year History
1793 Visited by Capt. George Vancouver and Alexander Mackenzie
1843 Hudson Bay post Ft. McLoughlin established
1862 Smallpox epidemic
1883 Methodist mission established by William Pierce
1884 Potlatch banned in British Columbia
1951 Potlatch ban repealed
Year BC Population   Source
1700 1,400   NAHDB calculation
1780 1,400   Mooney estimate
1800 1,400   NAHDB calculation
1900 300   NAHDB calculation
1902 311   Swanton
1998 900   UNPO
2000 900   NAHDB calculation
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Bella Coola
Bella Coola
Bella Coola
Bella Coola Circa 1873
Bella Coola Community
Bella Coola Ethnobotany
Bella Coola History
Bella Coola Language
Bella Coola Linguistic Lineage
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Bella Coola Town Site
Child and the Cannibal, The
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Nuxalk (Bella Coola)
Nuxalk House
Nuxalk Language
Nuxalk Language
Nuxalk Language
Nuxalk Language
Nuxalk Nation
Nuxalk Nation
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