Dialect Beaver
Language: Sekani
Family: Canadian Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Rocky Mountains 
Speakers 30 - 40     (1997 Sharon Hargus)  
       The Beaver separated from the Sekani just before White contact. The Tsuu T'ina in turn separated from them. They were a nomadic hunter tribe of the Peace River and the prairies to the south, and were constantly at war with the Cree.
Aboriginal Locations
Among Sekani in AB and BC
Present Locations
AB Beaver First Nation Band, High Level
BC Blueberry River, Buick Creek
  Doig River First Nation, Rose Prairie
  Halfway River First Nation , Wonowon
  Heart Lake First Nation, Lac La Biche
  Horse Lake, Hythe
  West Moberly First Nation
Year History
167X Were driven into Rocky Mountains by westward thrust of  armed Cree
1778 Peter Pond established a post on the Athabaska River
1780 Fission of Sekani/Beaver with the Sekani retreating from the Beaver
1782 Secured firearms
18XX Epidemics
1838 Tranquille, a respected Beaver warrior and hunter, worked for the Hudson Bay Company as a hunter at Fort Dunvegan
1845 Catholic missionary arrived
1898 Klondike gold rush negatively affected tribe
1899 Signed Treaty No. 8
Year . Population AB BC   Source
1700 0       NAHDB calculation (Enumerated with Sekani)
1800 900 150 750   NAHDB calculation
1859 800       Farraud estimate
1900 700 100 700   NAHDB calculation
1970 710       CDIA
1978 912       CDIA
2000 2,000 500 1,500   NAHDB calculation
2005 2,147 576 1,571   Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
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Sarcee, Sekani
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