Language: Central Numic
Family: Numic
Stock: Uto-Aztecan
Phylum: Aztec-Tanoan
Macro-Culture: Great Basin
Speakers 2,284 in US incl Northern (total language)      1990 Census
      The Bannock were Great/Basin/Northwestern Plateau hunter/gatherers.  Though they primarily lived in Idaho, they claimed territory in Wyoming, Utah, and Montana.  They suffered severely in conflict with Whites and from White introduced diseases.
Aboriginal Locations
ID    Kutsshundika (Buffalo Eaters), Penointikara (Honey Eaters), Shohopanaiti (Cottonwood Bannock) per Swanton; others refer to only two divisions
Present Locations
ID     Fort Hall Reservation, Ft. Hall
Year History
1700 First began to acquire horses
1805 Met Lewis and Clark
1807 Encountered John Coulter
1811 Astoria founded
1813 Attacked and killed 13 of John Reed's trapping party
1824 Beginning of mountain man fur trade era
1825 Capt. William Sublette claimed to have killed 488 of tribe in battle near present Ogden
1826 Peter Skene Ogden reported tribe's atrocities including the killing of 13 Whites
1829 Met by Jim Bridger
1832 Killed 39 Blackfeet, lost nine near Big Lost River
1834 Forts Laramie, Boise, and Hall are established
1840 Buffalo extinct west of the Rockies, forced to travel to headwaters of Missouri and Yellowstone to hunt; end of mountain man fur trade era
1841 First immigrants on Oregon Trail
1851 Mormon mission and trading established
1853 Smallpox epidemic
1858 Mormon mission attacked, abandoned
1869 Transcontinental railroad completed through territory, Ft. Hall Reservation established for Shoshone and Bannock
1863 California Volunteers killed 224 in attack near Bear River, Utah, Doty treaties
1876 Bannock scouts helped Gen. Crook against Nez Perce
1878 Uprising led by Buffalo Horn suppressed by Gen. O. Howard, "Bannock War", about 140 of tribe massacred
Year Total ID Population Source
1700 1,500 NAHDB calculation
1800 1,500 NAHDB calculation
1845 1,000 Mooney estimate 
1870 600 Jones estimate
1870 800 Mann estimate
1900 500 NAHDB calculation
1901 513 Census
1910 413 Census
1937 342 U. S. Indian Office
1989 750 NAHDB estimate using BIA data
2000 900 NAHDB calculation
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