Language: Apalachee
Family: Muskhogean
Stock: Muskhogean
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers Language extinct
      The Apalachee were a bellicose nation of the eastern Florida panhandle. They were missionized early but suffered greatly in conflicts. The entire nation had either perished, confederated with other tribes, or had been enslaved by the early 1800's except for a band which apparently went into hiding until the 1990's.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions { # of villages})
FL   (19)
Present Locations
Apalachee Indian Tribe, Alexandria; others confederated with Creeks in OK, some confederated with Taensa who in turn confederated with Chitimacha in LA
Year History
1528 Visited by Narvaez, natives hostile
1539 Visited by DeSoto, natives hostile
1607 Requested, received St. Augustine missionary visit
1633 Constant missionary work began by 2 monks
1655 Franciscans established 8 missions for tribe
1656 Small uprising along with Timucua
1700 Had been joined by coastal Oconee
1702 Large Apalachee war party defeated by Creeks with help of Whites, nation practically destroyed; Col. Moore estimate, led several to South Carolina
1703 Towns and missions destroyed by Creek, 200 killed, 1,400 prisoners
1705 About 400 fled to Mobile, granted land, others fled to Savannah River, GA
1718 New Apalachee settlement in Florida
1764 Moved to Louisiana, joined Taensa
1803 Land sold, disappeared except for those mixed blood who later join Creeks in Oklahoma
1827 10 Apalachee families fled to Texas
1995 Incorporated pursuant to becoming federally recognized
Year Total Population FL LA Source
1650 7,000       Mooney estimate
1675 6,130       Governor Salazar count
1676 5,000       Spanish memorial
1700 5,000 5,000   NAHDB calculation
1715 638     South Carolina census
1800 50 50 NAHDB calculation
1814 50 Sibley estimate
1900 50   50 NAHDB calculation 
1996 300       Apalachee
2000 300   300 NAHDB calculation
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