Language Group: Ojibwan
Family: Central Algonquian
Stock: Algonquian
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
      The Algonkin were a woodland nation that attached themselves to the French at an early date. They primarily occupied the drainage of the upper Ottawa River in Quebec and extending into Ontario. Many joined the Ottawa as a result hostilities with the French and Iroquois. The tribe suffered severely from smallpox.
Aboriginal Locations (# of Villages)
ON Abitibi, Dumoine, Sagaiguninini
PQ Barrière, Kichesipirini, Kipawa, Lac des Quinze, Maniwaki, Ononchataronon, Timiskaming, Weskarini
Present Locations
ON Algonquians of Golden Lake, Golden Lake
PQ Barriere Lakew Band, Rapid Lake
  Kipawa Band, Timiscaming
  Lac Simon Band, Lac Simon via Louvicourt
  Long Point First Nation, Winneway River via LaForce
  River Desert Band, Maniwaki
  Timiscaming Band, Timiscaming
  Wolf Lake, L'Etang via Timiscaming
Year History
1605 Met Champlain
1609 Began trading with Champlain drawing the French into an inter-tribal war with Iroquois
1610 Algonkin and armed French allies drove the Iroquois south of the St. Lawrence
1632 Iroquois drove Algonkin and Montagnais-Naskapi from upper St. Lawrence
1634 Smallpox epidemic
1642 Driven from upper St. Lawrence by Iroquois; French post established at Montreal
1647 Kichesipirini band nearly exterminated by Iroquois
1667 Arrival of French troops brought lasting peace
1700 Attacks by Iroquois, fled territories
1760 Treaty with British
1774 Quebec Act established territories
1776 Thousands of British loyalists settled in territories
1783 British purchased land from ethnie
1812 Fought beside British in War (1812-1814)
1822 Sold most of holdings in Ottawa Valley
1903 Cobalt silver strike attracted miners to territories
Year Total Population ON PQ Source
1600 6,000     Mooney estimate
1700 6,000 600 5,400 NAHDB calculation
1800 4,000 400 3,600 NAHDB calculation
1884 3,874     Per Quebec Province
1900 1,536       Per Quebec Province
1900 1,500 150 1,350 NAHDB calculation 
2000 6,000 1,200 4,800 NAHDB calculation
2005 6,239 1,244 4,995   Indian Life Online
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