Ethnie: ALEUT
Language: Aleut
Family: Aleut
Stock: Eskimo-Aleut
Phylum: Eskimo-Aleut
Macro-Culture: Alaska





Speakers 300   (1995 M. Krausse)
      The Aleuts arrived some 5,000 years ago, and settled in loose family groups on the coast and offshore islands of southwest Alaska. They were maritime hunters, but also hunted inland. They were all but destroyed by the Russians who exploited the Aleut to further Russian fur enterprises. The Russians killed approximately 14,000 of the tribe. Ancestors of the survivors are now mostly Russian Orthodox and reside in their aboriginal territories.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
AK     Atka (35), Unalaska (43)
Present Locations
AK    Aleut Corporation, Anchorage
          Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Dillingham
          Chugach Alaska Corporation, Anchorage
          Konaig, Incorporated, Kodiak
Year History
1741 Visited by Russians Chirikoff and Bering
1745 Islands discovered by Russian Nerodchikof
1750 Russians undertook program of hostage taking, forcing Aleuts to trap for them
1761 Aleuts decimated a party of Russian traders at Umnak Island
1762 Aleuts destroyed 5 Russian ships
1766 Russian Ivan Solovief led an armada against Aleuts, reducing their population by 90%, "a manageable number"
1794 Russian government interfered protecting natives
1824 Greek Church missionary Veniamanoff arrived, protected natives
1849 Smallpox epidemic
Year AK Population   Source
1700 16,000   NAHDB calculation
1740 16,000   Mooney estimate
1800 2,000   NAHDB calculation
1840 2,247   Veniamanoff estimate
1848 1,400   Father Shaiesnekov estimate
1890 1,702   Census
1900 2,000   NAHDB calculation
1910 1,451   Census
1995 2,000   M. Krausse
2000 2,200   NAHDB calculation
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