Language: Alabaman
Family: Muskhogean
Stock: Muskhogean
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers Language extinct
      The Alabama were a sedentary hunter/farmer tribe located on the upper course of the Alabama River.  They had located there early from northeastern Mississippi.  The were often in conflict with other tribes.  Their small numbers forced them into confederations.  They have descendants in the Seminole and Creek Confederacies as well as a nucleus tribe which is now in Texas confederated into the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions { # of villages})
MS (?)
Present Locations
TX   Alabama-Coushatta Reservation, Livingston
Year History
1539 Probably met De Soto in northern Mississippi, severe combat
1702 Aided by the British in war with the Tohome and Mobile tribes
1708 Along with other tribes, attacked Ft. St. Louis and Mobile
1717 Ft. Toulouse established by French and Alabama, joined by Tawasa and Pawokti
1763 Tribe began to break up with peace between British and French
1777 Some move to Mississippi River, others to Red River in Louisiana near Caddo
1778 Some of Tawasa and Alabama moved to Florida to join Seminole
1806 Some later moved to Sabine River, Texas
1813 Some joined Creeks in Creek-American War, lost lands, accompanied Creek to Oklahoma
1854 Alabama-Coushatta granted 1,280 acres in Polk County, Texas
Year Total Population AL TX Source
1700 800 800 NAHDB calculation
1715 770 English census
1799 270 Hawkins estimate
1800 300 300 NAHDB calculation
1882 290 US Indian Office
1900 300 NAHDB calculation 
1993     893   UTexas Online Alabama and Coushatta less 100 Coushatta
2000 1,000 1,000 NAHDB calculation
Other speakers of the same language:
Muklasa, Pawokti, Tuskegee
Alabama Sites:
Alabama and Coushatta Indian Reservation
Alabama and Coushatta Indian Reservation
Alabama-Coushatta Chiefs
Alabama-Coushatta Constitution and By-Laws
Alabama-Coushatta Indians
Alabama-Coushatta Indians
Alabama Coushatta Tribe
Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas
Alabama-Coushatta Tribes Work to Preserve Unwritten Language
Alabama-Coushatta Indians
Alabama-Coushatta Pow Wow
Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Council
Alabama Indians
Alabama Indian Tribe
Alabama Language
Alabama Language
Alabama Tribe History Brief
Celestial Canoe
Fight Between the Alabama and Choctaw
Vertical Lines

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