Language Group: Choctaw
Family: Choctaw
Stock: Western Muskhogean
Phylum: Muskhogean
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers None among Acolapissa
      The Acolapissa were a hunter/farmer nation of the lower Mississippi River in Louisiana.  They absorbed the Natchitoches for some time having a battle upon their separation.  The tribe allied with the French having suffered a slaving raid by the British and Chickasaw.  They ultimately confederated into the Houma and followed their fortunes.
Aboriginal Locations (# of Villages)
LA   (6)
Present Locations
LA   Confedeeratd into Houma in Louisiana
Year History
1697 Smallpox epidemic
1698 Encountered d'Bienville, Acolapissa had just been in battle with British and Chickasaw (slaving raid)
1701 Acolapissa sold by Virginians as slaves for the Carribbean Islands
1702 Had suffered population losses due to previous epidemic, removed from Pearl River to Lake Ponchartrain, joined by Natchitoches
1714 Battle with Natchitoches causing separation
1718 Moved across Mississippi River to near New Orleans
1739 Joined Houma and followed their fortunes
Year Total LA Population Source
Arrival 1,500 Manataka AIC
1698 1,050 LaHarpe estimate
1700 1,050 NAHDB calculation
1722 600 Charlevoix estimate
1800 - NAHDB calculation
1900 - NAHDB calculation 
2000 - NAHDB calculation 
Other speakers of the same language:
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