Teaching 3rd and 4th Graders to Love  California Indian History and Culture: An On-Line and In-Class Adventure

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Welcome to the Four Directions Institute Distance Learning Program.  This course will take approximately 22 hours to complete and will include:

Reading on-line and off-line course materials 12 hours
Participating in the seminar   8 hours
Preparation of a customized class curriculum   2 hours

Students will  prepare a (geographically specific) class curriculum.  There will otherwise be no tests or examinations.  Grades will be awarded a letter grade based on the course curriculum and student participation in the seminar.  

It is recommended that students complete the on-line reading in the order of the modules because the modules are reliant on and often refer to modules preceding them.  Keeping a reading journal is recommended (summary and opinion).  Contact Dr. LaMay by e-mail:  Contact Dr. LaMay

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Assignments It is important that you complete each module in order before proceeding to the next module.  There will be assignments at the beginning and end of each one.
Introduction Story and Syllabus
Preparation Read:  The First Californians, Four Directions Press; and Island of Blue Dolphins, Scott O'Dell
Module 1 Glossary of Terms
Module 2 Form and Style of American Indian Literatures
Module 3 Four Directions of American Indian Education: A Case Study
Module 4 Five Macro-Cultures of California Indians
Module 5 California Indian History
Module 6 California Indians Today
Module 7 Curriculum Preparation
Module 8 Seminar

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